What Eduardo Saverin Owes America →

Farhad Manjoo on Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin renouncing his US citizenship before the Facebook IPO to skirt around capital gains tax:

Would Eduardo Saverin have been successful anywhere else? Maybe, but not as quickly, and not as spectacularly. It was only thanks to America—thanks to the American government’s direct and indirect investments in science and technology; thanks to the U.S. justice system; the relatively safe and fair investment climate made possible by that justice system; the education system that educated all of Facebook’s workers, and on and on—it was only thanks to all of this that you know anything at all about Eduardo Saverin today.

America is good at making people fabulously wealthy. The problem is that it’s equally good at making those same people so incredibly greedy and bereft of morals or gratitude that they’d do something this dishonorable. To cut ties to the nation responsible for your safety and wealth is bad enough but to do it to avoid paying them a relatively small cut of your massive fortune is despicable.

Via Daring Fireball.

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